Gran Azul

5€ discount

Gran Azul is a kayaking and snorkel company in the charming village of Palm Mar. With us you can enjoy a beautiful experience of exploring the natural space of the Guaza Mountain cliff (between Palm Mar and Los Cristianos) by kayak.

Along the way you will stop to take a swim with turtles, sting rays and a lot of  other marine life. You could also be able to spot some dolphins during the excursion.

Go to Facebook to find some of the fabulous pictures of our trip.

The kayak and snorkel trip is suitable for all ages (5 years and up) and for the whole family.

We include snorkel equipment, photos and videos.
The duration is the excursion is 2 hours and you start from Palm Mar beach.

Make sure you explore some of the other water excursions the island has to offer here on the Canarias VIP Card website.

All Canarias VIP Card holders will get a 5€ discount on a 2 hour Kayak and snorkel trip to look for dolphins and to go snorkel with turtles. The discount is individual for each card holder. The discount is not compatible with any other offers or discounts. The general terms and conditions are applicable.  

Every day from 10am to 7:30pm

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