Ìwà Pèlé Gastrobar

Free bottle of wine + 10% discount + free snack

Welcome to Ìwà Pèlé Gastrobar, which means “Good character”. It comes from the Yorùbá culture in Africa.

For the Yorùbá, respect for any being of nature is fundamental.

One of their most important purposes in life is to dry tears and bring out smiles, leaving this world a little better than we found it.

Ìwà Pèlé is more than just being nice, and smiling. Really, it is a feeling about our way of acting and feeling in coherence with our values.

Remember, that with Ìwà Pèlé or Good Character dreams come true.

So when there are difficulties in your life, close your eyes, breathe and think: “Ìwà Pèlé”.
Our gastrobar is located in the main artery of San Cristobal de La Laguna, Tenerife. With the best flavours and the best atmosphere.

The place to be if you want to enjoy a calm and delicious breakfast or lunch. We specialize in breakfasts, lunches and montaditos (small garnished pieces of bread).

Check out our Facebook page to see some more pictures of our delicious food.

All Canarias VIP Card holders will get the following discounts at Ìwà Pèlé Gastrobar:

  • a free bottle of wine with a purchase of minimum 30€, excluding the daily menu, and for maximum 2 people
  • 10% discount on everything
  • free snack with consumption (exluding tea, coffee, water or soft drinks)

This offer is not compatible with any other offers or promotions. The general terms and conditions are applicable.  

Ìwà Pèlé is an official selling point, so get your Canarias VIP Card here!

Every day from 7am to 9pm
Avenida Trinidad 36A
San Cristóbal de La Laguna 38204 CN ES
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