Mi Bolso Dorado – El Paso

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Mi Bolso Dorado clothing store is a small La Palma company, eager to be part of your daily life. Our commitment is to offer a quality product at a very affordable cost, without sacrificing the quality jobs for our employees.

When you buy one of our products, you contribute to our social commitment, at the same time that you place your trust in us. Aspects such as environmental protection and recycling are our norm. That’s why we use 100% ecological and handcrafted Kraft bags, reducing and eliminating the largest percentage of plastics in our packaging, hangers and sales supports. A better world is the responsibility of each and every one of our actions.

We differentiate ourselves by the personality of our garments because we work with different brands, with a very limited stock and selected with a single criterion. When you wear a garment from Mi Bolso Dorado you feel unique, beautiful and fashionable.

In addition, we offer an exclusive and personal service, with prices as low as possible. You will always find the latest trends, as we receive new items every week.

We are waiting for you in one of our three stores (for now…) in Santa Cruz de La Palma, Los Llanos de Aridane and in El Paso.

Check out our website, Facebook or Instagram page for more information.

With your Canarias VIP Card you will get 10% discount at Mi Bolso Dorado clothing store. The discount is personal and non-transferable. This offer is not compatible with other promotions or offers. The general terms and conditions are applicable.  

Monday - Friday from 10am - 2pm / 4:30pm - 8:30pm / Saturday from 10am - 2pm
Calle Antonio Pino Pérez 5
El Paso 38750 CN ES
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