Submarine Safaris

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Come to Submarine Safaris and discover that it’s just as beautiful and just as interesting 30 meters below the waves as it is up on dry land.

Down to the charming harbour of Amarilla Marina you will board one of only 15 commercial submarines in the entire world for an underwater adventure of a lifetime.

Inside the submarine it’s light, bright, spacious & fully air conditioned.

We slowly cruise out of the harbour gently making our descent until we reach a depth of around 30 meters/100 feet, where you will literally sit on the ocean bed itself.

We have divers outside of the submarine attracting all of the marine life over to your portholes. You will be able to take some spectacular photographs of life under the Atlantic waves.

It’s like being in a giant aquarium. You’ll see lots of different types of fish, you may catch a glimpse of an octopus climbing over one of the wrecks, angel sharks, barracuda, sand eels, star fish to name but a few.

The chances are extremely high of you being introduced to a family of giant stingrays. These are huge 6ft Atlantic stingrays that glide gracefully past the submarine and skim up the side of your portholes just to give you a very warm welcome to their amazing underwater world! This is a truly unique experience and something that you’ll probably only do once in your lifetime!

Discover the underwater world of the Atlantic without getting your hair wet.

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Every day from 9am till 7pm for reservations / Dives every day except Saturday
San Miguel De Abona (Tenerife) 38639 ES
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