Mojo is a seasoning, which is served as a sauce with potatoes, gofio and fish. It is 'the' gourmet trademark of the Canary Islands.

Mojo – The Canarian cuisine is not that extensive, but it has a number of specific regional dishes – and products, drinks and dishes that are delicious. Moreover, the Atlantic character of the Canarian cuisine, with lots of garlic and olive oil, will appeal to many people and you will get to know the Canarian culture better. One of the local products is mojo.

Mojo is a seasoning, which is served as a sauce with potatoes, with gofio and with many fish preparations. It is ‘the’ gourmet trademark of the Canarian Archipelago, together with the papas arrugadas and the best fish in the world, the vieja. These sauces are also great with bread or breadsticks as a starter.

Vieja fish with mojo
Vieja fish with mojo

In short, these sauces fit almost everything, and above all, they are tasty and are full of vitamins.

In addition, there are different types such as the mojo picón (spicy version), mojo de cilantro (coriander) and mojo de perejil (parsley). Local variations of mojo include recipes with cheese such as mojo con queso (with cheese) from La Palma and El Hierro, as well as almogrote from La Gomera, where it is turned it into a paste that can be spread over bread.

Mojo picón
Mojo picón

Just as you can make paella or brew sangria in a thousand ways, this Canarian dish is one that you can prepare in many different ways with influences from different countries and continents. Every Canarian family has its own recipe, so it can vary greatly in flavour, spiciness and texture.
The Canarian sauces have been made since the beginning of time. In different ways, as you can also brew sangria in a thousand different ways.

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This article was first published by Guy Devos on in Dutch and has been slightly modified. 

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